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Current Staff
Barbara A. Cohn Piera M. Cirillo
Former Directors
Barbara (Bea) J. van den Berg Jacob Yerushalmy

CHDS Staff

For over 40 years, the CHDS has benefited significantly from the participation of hundreds of dedicated scientists, physicians, nurses, interviewers, administrators, and office workers who helped to create an unprecedented resource for medical and health research. We pay tribute to several individuals, now deceased, who played a key role on the CHDS staff and who are deeply missed: Jacob Yerushalumy, Louise Milkovich, Marion Parry, and Frank Oechsli. The CHDS continues research with a core staff in Berkeley, California who collaborate with investigators from many distinguished institutions.

Current Staff

  • Barbara A. Cohn, Director
  • Piera M. Cirillo, Research Scientist
  • Eileen M. Johnson, Project Coordinator
  • Nickilou Krigbaum, Research Associate
  • Lauren Zimmermann, Research Associate

Former Directors